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Friday, June 7, 2013

ERGO Baby Carrier Original/Organic Review

Original Ergo Baby Carrier in camel.

I love my Ergo Baby Carrier Original. It is so comfortable and it is such a back and arm saver!! (and sanity at times) This is the first soft structured baby carrier I ever bought/used. I first saw/heard of it from the Duggars:) This was the picture that got my attention: Jana Duggar uses Ergo Baby  I got my first one when my first baby was about 4-5 months. It was love... In hindsight, I wish that I had known to get an organic though. The fabric is SO MUCH softer that it is worth the price difference in my opinion. I pretty much love everything about the design.

My new Organic Ergo Baby Carrier in navy.

What I Like:

I like the size of the seat much better than the Beco. It is wider and not as high. It fits me and my babies much better.
I like the pocket and that the hood is connected to the carrier for easy access and you do not have to worry about loosing it!
 I LOVE the way the waist buckle is on the side and has the little safety loop. Because of this, I am able to strap it on with one had! That is a big help when you have a baby on your hip.
I LOVE the front pack and backpack accessory options. I emailed Ergo and was told that they have discontinued them- sorry!
I LOVE that they do have an organic option in fact I just replaced my original with an organic original and I absolutely love the difference in the feel. It is SO much softer to the touch, I will NEVER get a non-organic one again! So now I am selling the non-organic on eBay. I am drooling over the new Lattice carrier or maybe they will get a Petunia Pickle Bottom that I actually love and I will get that one day in the future...

Side buckle on the Ergo Baby.

Attached hood on the Ergo Baby.

What isn't my favorite:

They are NOT made in the USA! My biggest gripe about these carriers!
It does feel unsafe to do the back carry alone- I think if you had someone else help you it would work fine. I personally have not mastered the back carry with my Ergo. I use the front and hip. I would like to learn how to get the back carry down, but I am always afraid of dropping my baby! So I always use the Beco Butterfly 2 for back carry. (it has a panel to keep baby in safe- hence the butterfly)
I also had a difficult time using the infant insert. (see: Heart to Heart Review ) But there wasn't anything 'wrong' about it. It just wasn't the best option for me, no big deal!
     To end on a sweet note, this is most certainly my favorite soft structured carrier. I still love it as it is and would highly recommend it to any parent of a baby/toddler. I really cannot say enough about the ease of use and the comfort of this carrier. I would encourage you to go with organic if you are a tactile person like me!

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