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Saturday, June 29, 2013

bumGenius! 4.0 vs. Freetime

Here is a quick post (with ALOT of pictures!) of what I consider to be the pros and cons of each diaper and why I chose to make my stash up of 12 4.0s and 6 Freetimes.

Here is what each diaper looks like when you first receive it:

bumGenius! Freetime and 4.0

bumGenius! 4.0 Pocket Diaper

bumGenius! Freetime All In One Diaper
Very nice quility. And very similar in cut. Same fabric/material are used for both. As you can probably see (or know) the pocket diaper comes with 2 inserts. A newborn and a one size that adjust by snaps. I really like the buGenius has the snaps on the inserts unlike other brands. This is very helpful while you are trying to stuff and keeps it the right size while it is on the baby. The flaps on the all in one are easy to fold- see the lines? I am able to use the flaps completely open on my son on the middle rise setting which has been nice. Both are equal in performance. One is just slightly less work to be ready to use after washing. Both line dry fabulously- a great quality here in the hot and humid SE coast! bumGenius, I am a convert! Sorry Thirsties- I still love your duo wrap, fitted duo diaper, and wipes though!

      Quick side by comparison on each rise setting:

Smallest rise.

Middle rise.

Full rise.

 The 4.0 details. The main thing I don't like is that, well, I have to take the time to stuff them- pathetic I know! But I chose to make my stash 2/3 these because the clean really well and you can easily bleach just the inserts if you ever happen have any stink issues. Or you could just replace them if you ever needed to. And because they are quite alot cheaper, especially if you get the when they are buy 5 get 1! Definitely alot of bang for your buck if you get them on sale. It was $173.80 for 12 which comes out to $14.48 a diaper. Not bad for a OS. Big price difference from the Freetime at $19.95 a pop!  As far as pockets go these are my favorite. They hold up well. Are very user friendly. As long as they are pre-stuffed they are great for those uneducated in cloth diaper use. (possible babysitter, dad, grandparents, other family members, etc.)

4.0 pocket hole.

4.0 inside.

Inserts- see snaps?

Inserts open.

    The Freetime details. So I love, love. love this diaper. If not for the bigger price tag I would make these my complete stash instead of 1/3! I mean considering it is $5.47 more a diaper that adds up really fast. If I had gotten all Freetimes and no 4.0s I would have spent an extra $65.64. Not worth it to me this time around.(especially since he is 19 months) If I had more kiddos to care for it may have been though! This diaper really washes well for an all in one. I was extremely impressed with the design. The way it opens up allows it to clean much better than any other all in one I have seen. But at the same time it is super easy to put the flaps in place, just stack one over the other. I don't want to call it folding because that makes it sounds complicated. I was totally impressed by how fast and well these line dry too! When I used the Thirsties All In Ones there was no way to line dry those puppies. They even took a long time in the dryer to get dry. These are so much better. These are user friendly for EVERYONE! This is my favorite diaper yet. So nice, so easy to use and care for. What isn't to love- oh yeah, the price;) Still a fabulous diaper! And not to mention this has to be the absolute trimmest diaper I have ever used. He can actually wear pants that look like they fit him! This is my diaper bag diaper, so I only have 6.

Freetime inside.

Freetime open soakers/flaps.

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