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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Youtube Faves from Mama Natural

Okay, so I love Genevieve aka Mama Natural. She is so fun and real and if you are on the crunchy side you will enjoy these videos. If you are not too crunchy you may only get about half of this. Still super fun videos. Bring it on Mama Natural!! (yeah, I am weird too, I know)

I Am Back!

We were out of a computer for a couple of months so that is why it has been silent.
Here some catch up pics:

Pinecone Turkey and Owl that the boys and I made for fall.

Ready, set, eat!!

Thanksgiving dinner
Our little Thanksgiving dinner wasn't completely traditional. We had Alice Springs Chicken, homemade stuffing, steamed greenbeans, cranberry sauce, and some mac 'n cheese for the boys.

Christmas tree- Nathan almost cried when it came down!

My nativity set from my grandmother.

Sugar cookies.

More sugar cookies. Bryan's only willing Christmas tradition!

Hope everyone had a good holiday season!
Now we are fighting colds.
And getting ready for baby Caden's arrival. Trying to get everything together for him and for me. I have learned about a few new natural things that I want to try for me that will hopefully make me more comfortable after the birth. And trying to get everything figured out for his birth. I have my first appointment with a MW today- she would birth in a hospital. I was really not wanting another hospital birth, but not really finding much of an option here.