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Friday, June 28, 2013

Ergo Baby: Genuine or Counterfeit? Maybe, maybe not!

So with all the information on the web about Ergo Baby counterfeits I thought that I would share that Ergo Baby has changed some things on their newer carriers. (not just the obvious logo change!) I recently purchased a navy organic carrier and was freaked out by some of the changes. So I contacted Ergo Baby to be sure that everything was a-okay and it totally checked out as genuine. So some of those blog posts out there that tell you what to look for on a counterfeit may or may not be valid depending on how new your Ergo Baby is. The safest thing to do is:
#1 if you purchase a new carrier be sure to either purchase it directly from Ergo Baby or from an authorized Ergo Baby dealer. To be certain that they are an authorized dealer all you have to do is send a quick email to Ergo Baby from their website and ask them to verify the seller for you.
#2 if you are purchasing a used carrier have the seller provide some kind of verification for you. I am selling my original carrier and am in the process of getting Ergo Baby to verify it for me since I not longer have the original receipt. I know it is genuine, but others don't! If the seller has the original receipt check with Ergo Baby that the original seller was an authorized dealer. Boxes really do not matter. The carrier itself does! So be careful here.

Here are some of the things that are different between my Ergo Baby of 2 years ago and my new one. Pictures are of differences:
Genuine Ergo Baby Original in Camel. No logo.

Genuine Ergo Baby Organic in Navy. Logo and slightly wider safety strap.

Camel, no logo.

Navy, logo and obviously wider safety strap.

Camel female buckle on back strap. (arm straps look the same)
Navy female buckle on back strap. (arm straps look the same)

The biggest change I noticed was the buckles. Totally different! Notice the logo on the navy? And the male buckles on the navy seem like the 'middle is missing'. This was the first thing that started my concern. I felt like the 'old' buckles with the Stealth  written on them felt sturdier. So just because the buckles do or do not say Stealth or do or do not have the logo on them doesn't necessarily mean it is a counterfeit.
Next the safety straps were wider on the navy. And the back strap just felt different. But this may be due to the fact that this is an organic and the other wasn't. The strap seemed to have a slight give to it- strange?
Everything else was the same. The Fall Hazard Notice. The size and shape of the carrier. The Ergo Baby logo was still the same. So that felt strange to me that they had changed the buckles but not the logo? Why wouldn't they make that change too?
So in closing, when buying an Ergo Baby, be careful to purchase from a reliable source! Thankfully I have never purchased a counterfeit and now I am very careful about who I purchase from. I love no other SSC like I love my Ergo Baby. So don't be scared to get one, just be cautious:)


  1. Thanks for posting! I was getting nervous after seeing my new Ergo buckles were completely changed!!

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