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Friday, June 7, 2013

HAVA Chic Sling Review

During Mother's Day weekend, Nurtured Family sent out a discount promotion code for their HAVA slings. I had been drooling over the HAVA Chic in Aubrey for months and I had some PayPal cash so I decided now was the perfect time to get one since Nathan was anti- Ergo at church. Not to mention the Ergo is just bulky to tote around when not in use. I had been thinking a good ring sling was the way to go since I could easily use the hip carry which was what he was wanting to do and when not in use it would fit in the diaper bag or my purse. So I went for it. Can you say LOVE?! I cannot say enough about it. (In fact Nurtured Family actually chose my product review as a featured review- I feel special. My review is the one that says mommy to boys from Hilton Head SC.) First, I have absolutely nothing bad to say about this sling. It is absolutely the most comfortable sling I have EVER worn. It adjust easily and even comes with an instructional DVD- very helpful. The fabric is just gorgeous and so soft to the touch. It is described as denim, but I would describe it as more of a chambray because it so soft and does not have that tough grainy feel of traditional blue jean denim that would usually come to mind when the word denim is used. The pocket is great for whatever you want to toss in there and the little decoration over the pocket really jazzes, or should I say 'chics' it up! It is easily dressed up or down and will go with anything. It has just the right amount of padding to make it comfortable, but not bulky. In the past I have had shoulder pain with slings, but not with this one. Baby Holdings did great with this one! If you are considering a sling this is my recommendation. You will love it, go to: Nurtured Family  This is a precious Christian family to support too:) Now, if I can just get pregnant with a baby girl I can get one in Abigail- Bryan said no to flowers with boys. Bummer- it is SO cute! Hmm, maybe the Ella then, or Anna or... Okay, okay be glad to have one. Hope you can get one too, so many beautiful choices it is difficult to choose just one!! Nathan and I both love it. He points to it and says "wan' ride"! Too cute little boy!
Shoulder pad in HAVA Chic.

Side rail in HAVA Chic.

Tail with pocket in HAVA Chic.

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