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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Ergo Original vs. Ergo Sport

So what is the difference?

The first difference is the size. The Sport is made for bigger (dad I guess) frames. The baby seat itself is the same. But the straps and waist are longer/wider.
Ergo Original vs. Sport difference in shoulder strap size.

Ergo Original vs. Sport difference in waist padding size.

The second difference is that the Sport is made to breath/be cooler than the Original. The baby seat is not padded and it has a breathing slit across the back and it does not have the zippered pocket.
Breathing slit.

Alot more fabric on the body of the Original.

The third difference is that the hood completely detaches. There is a storage pocket on the front if you want to keep it attached, but I think that it looks too bulky stuffed in it. So I either just attach it and let it fly or detach it and put somewhere where it (hopefully) won't get lost.
Hood attaches and is adjusted by snaps.

The fourth difference is in the fabric. It is not twill like the Original, it is soft like the Organic even though it is not organic cotton. 

The fifth difference is the padded waist is shaped a bit differently. On the sides where it curves, the curves are much deeper. I believe the idea was to allow for easier leg movement. It makes no noticeable difference in how it feels on you in my opinion.
Differently shaped padded waist.

I am 5.2 and even though the Sport gets bigger it fits me fine and is super comfortable. Here on the humid SC coast it is a great SSC option for the spring and summer. This carrier is a keeper!! I love it. When we went to the Riverbanks Zoo back in March, Nathan slept in it for at least 30 minutes. I was so glad to have it since he was sleeping and it was quite hot and humid already that day while we were standing in the sun in line trying to get our tickets!

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