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Friday, June 7, 2013

Beco Butterfly 2 Review

I purchased a custom BB2 from PaxBaby at the beginning of last year for Nathan because the Ergo just wasn't working for us and I needed something. The problem with the Ergo was that he was just such a peanut and he didn't like the infant insert but he couldn't fit in there without it. So I googled and researched and finally decided to try the BB2 because the infant insert was so different and it is 'the other' carrier out there. It was a bit of a toss up between the BB2 and the Gemini. (I still want to try a Gemini someday...) So here is what I do and don't like about the BB2.
First what I like:
I LOVE the butterfly panel. This is my favorite feature, it is the only carrier that I have been able to actually accomplish a back carry with. And I love this carrier for its back carry.
I LOVE that they are all organic and made in the USA. It is all high quality material for sure. And much softer than the ERGO Original fabric.
I like that it is not quite as padded as the ERGO Original so that makes it easier to tote around with you, but it is still enough to be comfortable.
I like that the waist pad in the front is just straight, it makes it easier to sit down with it on. This is the main feature that I wish the ERGO had.

Beco Butterfly 2

Things that are not my favorite:
I did not like the way that the shoulder straps adjusted in the front at all. It was really, really hard for me to get them set right especially when he was tiny and in the infant seat. It made the butterfly panel all bunchy and that was annoying to me.
I don't really like the way that it opens at the top of the straps. It is convenient for getting the baby in and out, but the buckles can be right in the baby's face; I just didn't like that or the band being right there. It just didn't seem as gentle as a full strap like the ERGO or Gemini has.
I do not like how high the back is compared to the ERGO. I don't mind that it is narrower, but the height is just too much I feel like. It makes it hard for the baby to see around. Now as the get bigger it is okay, but then it feels kind of narrow in the seat for them.
I do not like the way it buckles around the waist. I wish it was on the side like the ERGO.
I do not like that the sleep hood is detachable and that it is to be stored in the waist strap. Too easy to lose.
Butterfly panel.

Detachable shoulder straps.

Annoying to get on hood.

So while it worked and is a really great and comfortable carrier, it is not my absolute favorite. I would only recommend it if someone especially is looking to back carry. That is pretty much all I use it for. I do still prefer the ERGO.
And if you want a custom made one I highly recommend PaxBaby. They did a fantastic job, but know that it takes several weeks to be completed. So Pimp My Carrier!
Pimp my Carrier by Paxbaby.com

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