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Sunday, June 30, 2013

bareMinerals 8 Piece Get Started Kit Review


So last week I purchased this kit from the bareMinerals Outlet by my house. I think it is really great. Especially considering it was only $62 for it. If I had purchased everything individually it would have $165! What a savings! As you can see below it contained: full size foundation, full size bronzer (warm), full size mineral veil, prime time face priner, 3 brushes, how to booklet and DVD.

Inside the box.

As to the quality of their products, I have to say that I like their foundation better than I had liked Everyday Minerals that I had been using for a couple of years. The bareMinerals foundation is slightly more expensive, but not by much. I do not like the container that it is in- it is open on the inside which allows for it to come out all over the place under the lid. Everyday Minerals has a much better container- there is a sliding thing that closes over the holes and then it has the lid. (so I refilled my Everyday Minerals container, so I guess they still get the advertising!) I really, really like the Mineral Veil. It truly does give it a more finished look than using the foundation alone. I have not been that impressed by the Prime Time- maybe I should use more. It feels really greasy and then it seems to dry up really fast and not really leave enough grip for the powder. I just use EMAB lotion. I would not spend the $ for it again when I can just buy organic lotion, that works better for me, for like $7 for 4 oz. instead of at least double for the Prime Time. The bronzer does add a nice sunkissed touch that I (being very fair) appreciate- a little goes a long way for my skin color! I would imagine that it would last me like 4 times longer than the foundation and mineral veil will. This kit does not include any colors, so if you did not have any you would probably want to get some. The brushes are very nice- not as soft as my Everyday Mineral brushes- I was bummed by that. I felt like the almost scratched my skin the first time I tried them. But my skin may have been extra sensitive that day, because this morning they seemed a bit softer to me. I still use the Everyday Mineral foundation brush and then use the new bareMineral foundation brushes for the mineral veil and bronzer. One thing about mineral make-up is that the colors last a long time because a little goes a long way! I still have my blush from 2 years ago and I have not even begin to but a dent it it.
Other bareMineral make-up I have tried has been their mascara, an eye shadow (free B-Day gift from the FAB Club!) and a lip gloss. All were very nice and I especially was overjoyed to find a natural mascara. Until then the best I had come across was the Physician's Formula. This is very mild and gentle mascara, it doesn't cause my eyes to sting. I have become very sensitive to chemicals after taking basically all of them out of my body care routine! The eye shadow is in the same annoying case, so that I do not like. But I love the color: Cupcake. The lip gloss is very nice, just as nice as the Clinique I have used in the past. Everything (except the cases!) is definitely high quality boutique type make-up. Overall, I love bareMinerals. I would highly recommend this kit to a first timer. It really is a great start at a great price. I think it is great that it includes the brushes. I would highly recommed bareMinerals to anyone. So much better for your health than the usual chemical laden make-up of today.

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