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Friday, October 5, 2012

Newborn Cloth Diper Review

My very first newborn cloth diaper stash.
          Cloth diapering a newborn was, well, full of surprises and certainly had some ups and downs to it. Nathan's first diaper was cloth and although I was determined not to use a single disposable, it didn't happen. (Affirmative-that would be a down; a MAJOR down to me!) His very first diaper was a Cloth-Eez Newborn Workhorse, it was so cute, but the rise ended up being much too high for his cord stump once it began to harden up. But, I will say that this diaper is the absolute bomb for keeping in EBF poop! So it was great after the cord stump time. The covers that I had were Bummis Size Newborn Super Whisper Wraps, Super Brites, and Thirsties Duo Size 1. I hated the SWW on him; they were too thick and stiff for his tiny body. They always left awful marks on his little legs- good bye SWW! The Cloth-Eez Newborn Prefolds and Workhorses did fit in them perfectly though. The SB were a decent fit if I used a Cloth-Eez Preemie Prefold in them. I was able to fold the back down about an inch to get a good fit below the cord stump with the preemie, but I couldn't get the newborn size to work for him, they were too thick for this cover. (At least that is how I felt.) The Thirsties rise was too high for him during the cord stump time, as well as the SWW. So the only cover that actually fit him below the cord stump was the Bummis SB. After the cord stump time I preferred the Thirsties and purchased 4 more. I also had 6 GroVia newborn AIOs- can you say LOVE? With the rise snapped down they were PERFECT and stinkin' cute. These, as well as the SB, are really tiny and they were great for my baby. But, the legs on the SBs can leave nasty marks so I had to be careful about being certain to adjust the velcro correctly.
                  Well, as my husband says, "hindsight is 50/50"; the next time (Lord willing) I tentatively plan to add more GroVia newborn AIOs. Then once the cord stump is gone I can begin to use my Cloth-Eez Newborn Workhorses and Prefolds with Thirsties Duo Wraps Size 1, as well as the Thirsties Size 1 AIOs I have recently acquired. Since Nathan's newborn stage, Thirsties has come out with their new AIO and I love this diaper as well. I will definitely be getting more of these in Size 1. My precious little boy was 7 lbs. 2 oz. and 20 in. at birth. The following pictures are my favorite diapers and what I actually kept for, Lord willing, our next wee one.
GroVia AIO on top of ClothEez Workhorse. As you can see they are the exact same size diaper. The only difference is that they GroVia has a snap down rise which made it fit under the cord stump much better for us.

GroVia AIO over the Thirsties Duo AIO. The Thirsties is a bit bigger than the GroVia, even on the smallest setting. So the Thirsties still would have been a bad fit during the cord time for us.

Side by side picture of the Thirsties and GroVia AIOs each on the smallest setting. As you can see, the GroVia is really tiny. The same size/fit as a newborn size sposie.

ClothEez Workhorse in a Thirsties Duo Wrap. Great combo for keeping in those explosive poos!

ClothEez white Prefold inside a Thirsties Duo Wrap. A perfect fit on the medium rise; needs a little folding on the smallest rise setting.

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