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Friday, October 12, 2012

How I Make My Wipes Solution- Honey Chunks!!

I love Thirsties Booty Luster. But it is just too expensive for me to use all of the time, so I use Honey Chunks- the Organic Oils. (www.honeychunks.com) Honey Chunks is a WAHM business and they have several different chunks to choose from as well as a foam version. I absolutely love the Honey Chunks. They are super gentle and my little one has very sensitive skin. And of course I love that I can get them in organic!!

        When I make my solution, I like to use 1 chunk per 1 cup of water. (Always remember when making any wipes solution it is best to use filtered water to keep down the possibility to irritations to a minimum. Think of how chlorine feels on broken skin- ouch!!) I found that it helps the chunk to dissolve best if you use HOT water and stir it around. 

       Allow the solution to cool completely before pouring into your spray bottle. Store any extra solution in a covered container. Use as you please. It is great for cleaning any area of your child, not just the diaper area. Oh, and it smells very nice. Not strong or overwhelming, just a light, clean scent. (Not as strong as Thirsties.)

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