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Friday, October 5, 2012

Cloth Diaper Stash Review- My Favorites!!

    Cloth-Eez Medium Prefold snappied with Thirsties Duo Wrap Size 2
      This is a great combination. I really love the fit of the Thirsties Duo Wraps. I like how they are trim and of course how cute the colors and prints are! This is really what I use for back up, but it works great for everyday if you need it to. Never had a blowout or leak! 

       Cloth-Eez Workhorse Large with Thirsties Duo Wrap Size 2
This is the absolute no fail combination! This is in my opinion the best choice for those EBF explosive poos! I have never had poop escape from the diaper, much less the cover. GMD really did a great job with these and I am absolutely devastated that they are discontinuing the white option!! As you can see the WH sizes do not correspond very well with the prefold sizes- why is that GMD? Seriously, that is my only gripe with these, I know, I know, I am too much of a perfectionist! This is my top recommendation for new babies who tend to have explosive poo-poos!! (Obviously, in the correct size.) Never had a leak or a blowout!

      GroVia Shells and Stay Dry Soaker OS

 I really like this system. It is quite effective and while I have had poop get off the soaker on occasion and soil the shell, it is still a great diaper. I will say that the GroVia cut is much narrower through the booty than any other brand I have tried. That being said, I feel like it will not last him all the way through to potty learning. I only have enough of these for 4 changes and would only possibly purchase one more pack of soakers because of the size. I must say that the ‘hand’ of the TPU is so fabulous!! I love the way it feels and it is also 2 layers of TPU, plus a layer of the mesh on the inside of the shells. The snaps are also very sturdy and I like how they match the fabric. Sometimes the soakers can tend to get a little stinky; I think it is because the TPU backing doesn’t let it rinse well. Still, it is a great diaper. It also takes quite a long time to prep these because it is a hemp and organic cotton blend, so keep that in mind!  I have never had a blowout, but have had an occasional pee leak.  Around the legs when on my hip on occasion and around the legs/waists whenever he was sleeping, every time. So not a good choice for sleep around here!

    Thirsties Duo All in One Size 2
 I really, really like this diaper! Isn’t it a great price? Now, I have to say that since it is good old microfiber, of course you are probably going to have to deal with the stinkies every now and then. I have been using mine every day since mid May and I just got the stinkies and had to rinse them a gazillion times to get rid of them. But, they are fresh again- thank goodness!! It is helpful to turn them inside out before the last rinse to help them get well rinsed and it helps them to dry quicker if they are inside out as well. (remember to use LOW heat so that you don’t ruin the elastic!)  These diapers are super user friendly since they are AIOs. I love that they offer snaps. They seem to be holding up well. The insides are still smooth and soft and the outside is still smooth and bright. They are quite trim, but still not as trim as the BG 4.0 or Tots Bots Pocket Tots. It does work well for a night time diaper for us with a single doubler added- but I don’t use it for night because of its tendency to get stinky!  All in all I really love this diaper and would/will buy more.  Never had a blowout, an occasional leak when sleeping.

      BumGenius 4.0 One Size
Okay, so I finally broke down and bought 6 since they were having a buy 5 get 1 sale and I was ready to get some more dipes. I just don’t know why I haven’t taken the plunge before now. This is the absolute trimmest diaper I have ever used. And it seems to be great quality too. I love the colors and the stretchy tabs and of course I never would have even given them a try if they didn’t offer snap closures. These are much more generously sized than the GroVia and even wider in the booty than the Thirsties. I have used it successfully for nap and nighttime (with an added doubler). I really love this diaper too, especially since you can easily just bleach those inserts if they get stinky and don’t have to be concerned about the PUL. Or if you need to  just totally replace the inserts with new ones. AND you can replace the elastic in the pockets if they ever go out on you- how awesome is that?! I have to say that I absolutely love the stretchy tabs. Never had a blowout or leak! This is my go to night time diaper!!

     Cloth-Eez Birds-Eye Flat with Thirsties Duo Wrap Size 2
I like to use this whenever I have to use rash cream since it is a lot easier to clean the flats. This is an inexpensive and great system if you like to just lay the diaper in the cover and not bother with pins/snappis. It is surprisingly trim and quite absorbent. While this is not my number one day to day choice, I would use this before disposables if I ever needed to! The only downside is that obviously this is not the best diaper for containing poo which, more often than not, ends up soiling the cover. But, it certainly has its place in my diaper stash. And before someone asks, I use California Baby Rash Cream when I need some zinc oxide. If I do not need the zinc oxide, I just use the Earth Mama Angel Baby ointment because it is cloth diaper safe. Never had a blowout or leak!

*Here are a few comparison pictures of the different nuances in size between the three brands.
Thirsties Duo AIO Size 2 on top of Bumgenius 4.0. See the width difference?

Thirsties, GroVia, Bumgenius all on the highest rise settings. See how much shorter the GroVia is? How much wider the Bumgenius is?

Thirsties, GroVia, Bumgenius on the middle rise. They are all pretty much the same.

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