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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Monday Mahem- Funny and Messy!!

I may be crazy for posting this, but sometimes things get messy when you have little ones around. And it is okay, eventually you will get it tidy again. Even if you have to work hard with a baby on your hip and a toddler at your heels. (or under your feet:) This is what I woke up too on Monday morning: Beware, it is pretty bad!

Messy kitchen.

Nasty sink.

There are crumbs on the table, floor, and high chair.

The toddler was here.

Clean diapers stuffed into top basket.

Boy's bathroom.

Boy's room.

Boy's room.

The baby was here.

And here!

Cluttered mess.

Master bedroom.

Master bathroom.

Mounds of laundry.

Now, at 11:00 I have order restored. I did general pick up and put away, started laundry, spot dusted vacuumed, and cleaned kitchen. The house is now livable, but still needs more cleaning! At least I don't feel so crazy! Time to give the baby a nap and fix lunch and think about supper and keep the laundry going and etc.......
Diapers are now organized and wipes made.

Close up of my cute diapers:)

Boy's bathroom is now tidy. Will clean it later in the week.

Toys picked up and floor is vacuumed.

The rest of the room.

Dining area is now crumb free.

Master bathroom is now tidy- will clean it later in the week as well.

Bedroom is now tidy and vacuumed.

Beds are made. Yes, we co-sleep. Yes our sex life is still private and functioning.

Clean living room.

Rest of the living room.

Clean kitchen.

Rest of the kitchen

Clutter free bar- glory be!!

Getting the laundry done.

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