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Monday, November 12, 2012

Soaking Grains Recipe Series Part 4: Tortillas

1 C. White Flour
1 C. Brown Flour
½ Stick of Soft Butter
Combine flour in a medium mixing bowl. Cut in butter to resemble coarse crumbs.
½ C. Water
1 T. Buttermilk, yogurt, whey, ACV, or lemon juice
Combine wet ingredients and add to dry ingredients. Stir/ knead until you have one solid dough ball. Cover loosely and keep in a warm place for 12-24 hours.
1 t. Salt
Sprinkle over dough ball and mix in until well combined. Divide into 8-10 equal as you can parts.
Add salt.
Roll into balls. Meanwhile, heat your oiled pan on stovetop on medium heat.


Roll out a ball as evenly and thinly as possible (try for paper thin). 

Roll out.
Cook just until flecked with brown, flip and cook until the other side is flecked with brown. While each tortilla is cooking roll out the next one; repeat the cycle until finished. 

Flecked with brown.

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