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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My Souring Bar

Soaking brown rice, milk kefir, soaking oats, and soaking flour.
Here is what is 'souring' on my bar today! The book pictured is "Nourishing Traditions" by Sally Fallon. My dear sweet friend Katie gave it to me for my Birthday- thanks Katie I LOVE IT!! If you have never read this book you really should, because it just may revolutionize how you think about food! It is the neatest cookbook because it is like a textbook as well. The food is grouped liked a typical cookbook, but it gives an overview of each food group. You know the nutritional values, how the food was prepared in the past and how to prepare it to get the most nutrition out of it- hence the recipes. One of the biggest emphasis of this book is soaking/souring- both the why and the how to. And of course why we should be eating whole, organic, and raw foods- as God made them by the way and not a bunch of synthetic junk! I'm not going to get on my soap-box right now though. It is just simply a fantastic book! And I just read a quote in it today from Laura Ingalls Wilder's "On the Shores of Silver Lake" where she and Ma (who is, by the way my historical role model- wow is she AWESOME!) are telling about how they sourdough their breads. How cool is that? Yes, just in case you are wondering, I am a bit of a pioneer history nut! So the bottom line is: take a look at this book for yourself. Oh, and get busy souring! (if you aren't already:)

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