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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Last minute sewing

So in my quest to find a non-toxic changing pad for my table I ran across this in my google searches: Holy Lamb Organic changing pad. And thought 'holy cow!' when I saw the price and then I thought, I could totally make that. No mine wouldn't be organic cotton twill filled with eco wool, but still it would be alot better than any of the other options that were in my budget range. So I made a copycat. My 2 year old was my tester and he didn't want to get off of it! He said, "It's fwuffy and warm Momma!" My husband said that means it will be comfy for a little baby then.

Homemade changing pad!

And a few days ago I FINALLY finished my ring sling. I finally figured out the padding and pleating the way I like it. I actually redid the very first sling that I ever made because it is my favorite fabric.

Padded rails/inside
Shoulder pad

Shoulder pleats

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