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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Newborn Cloth Diaper Stash for Caden

Finally I got everything together! Good thing since my due date is March 11th! All ready to put some soft fluff on his new baby bottom.

In the basket

In the other basket

12 Newborn ClothEez Prefolds

6 Thirsties Duo Wraps Size 1

6 GroVia Newborn All in Ones

12 Newborn ClothEez Workhorse Fitted Diapers

9 Newborn Simplex All in Ones

Everything is cotton. And every diaper is very soft on the inside. I look forward to reviewing the fit on Caden when he gets here. I really only have the prefolds for back up. I am not a huge fan of them. I also have a pair of pins to use with them instead of the snappi. I felt like the snappi added too much bulk for itty bitty babies. The GroVias are much smaller than the other diapers so they will be outgrown the quickest, but should work from day 1. (or for me as soon as we get home from the hospital) I can also fold down the back of the prefolds for a better fit under the cord if the Simplexes and Workhorses are too high. As far as the amount of diapers, I just kind of follow Karen's (greenmountaindiapers.com) recommendation. She says 3 dozen diapers and 6-8 covers for a newborn. As you can see that is about what I have. I may end up getting 2 more covers if I find that I need them. But I am thinking not since I prefer to use fitteds and all in ones. I will only use the prefolds if I run out of diapers.


  1. Yup. Totally jealous. Though I have to say more of the covers than the aio's ;). Poor Jesse had to wear pink covers for a few days before I decided that the smalls in boy colors would have to work since I couldn't stand him in pink! Now trying to decide if I get a couple of covers or make do... You know I will end up getting a couple, right?!

  2. You have to have some boy ones! You should get the Thirsties duos sz 1 you will get longer use out of them. (That is why I chose them, because they work perfect with the GMD size newborn and small.)