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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Breastfeeding must haves

      I love to breastfeed my babies. And I do for a full 18 months. (hubby won't let me do it longer- he says they are getting too big and it is weird) But, it is not easy in the beginning. But the few weeks of pain and discomfort are so worth it. I do not tend to make too little or too much milk, just exactly what is needed. I also have not had any major problems with breast feeding. My heart goes out to you who have! These are my favorites to help things be more comfortable. Obviously, all you really need to breast feed is you and your baby!
Nipple Butter/Salve
    I find this to be the most important of everything. I would have died with my 2nd without it. I highly recommend either the Motherlove brand or Earth Mama Angel Baby brand. I used Motherlove last time and am trying EMAB this time. Lanolin is a complete joke for me. I almost think it made things worse with my first. Thank goodness I know better know!
 Boppy Nursing Pillow
    I love this, especially in the beginning. It helps so much when you are exhausted. I couldn't make it through the first night without it. You know it is coming with me to the hospital!
Bebe au Lait Nursing Cover
    A nursing cover just makes being modest or discreet so much easier. Having young boys this is important to me. As well as nursing around extended family or other ladies or at the doctors office.
Nursing Bras and Pads
     Again, just makes everything go smoother and more comfortable. Although I have found it can be difficult to find a good padded nursing bra.
Burp Cloths
    Have them ready. You will want them to keep you and baby dry. Try to find some soft and absorbent ones. Some of the 'cuter' ones didn't absorb well for me. But I have to say that real cotton prefolds/flats work fabulous.
    Hydration is super important. Drink, drink, and drink. Especially in the beginning. It helps so much. I felt like I was drinking so much, but I was barely loosing any of it. You need the water.
    I have a Dutailer glider and I love this, especially in the beginning, for nursing. It is nicely cushioned and gives good support to your back and you can rock your precious baby too. Obviously this is a blessing to have- not a necessity.

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