"We don't become southern, we're born that way."

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The 26 of December 2007- A day I will always remember……

Five years later.....

             It was a very cold and overcast day. Not just any old cold, but that humid southern cold that chills you right through to your bones. It was mid-afternoon and I was waiting for Bryan to come and take me out for a couple of hours and then have dinner together before we came back to my family’s home for the evening. I remember getting dressed slowly and carefully that day. What should I wear that would be warm but still cute? Was my make-up just right? And my hair? I think so. I reminded myself that I needed to hurry because he would soon be there for me. There was the doorbell, I grabbed my purse, grey coat, cream hat, and pastel striped scarf and attempted to put everything on as I walked to answer the door. I opened the door and he quickly entered while I finished putting everything on and buttoned up my coat. Ready? Let’s go! We chatted together, catching up on the past few days that he was away to visit his family for Christmas, as we rode to the Waterfront Park. We parked the car, walked and found a vacant swing to sit on and just be together. We people watched and kept an eye on the bridge and the water. After a while Bryan suggested we take a walk down Bay Street and beyond. Beaufort is so, well, southern. And not to mention it is historic and romantic. How I wish the old trees, houses, and churches could talk. What stories they would have to share from the centuries past. Bryan suggested that we stop at St. Helena’s Episcopal Church to mosey around the cemetery and wait to hear the bell ring for the top of the hour. Well, we waited for the bell. Hmm- is it late? Weird, it always rings!! But not on this day! I had sat down on some steps to a side door of the church and I said something about it was obviously not going to ring today as I arose. Bryan quickly said, “Sit back down!” Okay- yes sir. Then and there it happened. That once in a lifetime moment when the man you love asks you to marry him. I can still hear his exact words, “Amber Owens, will you marry me?” Obviously I said “Yes!” And out came the ring. It was a dainty white gold ring with a single round diamond sparkling merrily in the middle.  It seemed made for me. But really it had been made for Bryan’s great-grandmother. It had been treasured and passed down and now it was given to me in love. It was so beautiful and so perfect for me and my antique, history loving self. Now the day was so perfect. Yes, it was still cold and overcast and soon it would begin to rain. But we were so happy. Now it was official, we were getting married!! We walked around a little more and then we decided to go ahead and get dinner. I felt like it was hard to stop smiling. I couldn’t stop myself from constantly glancing at my hand and thinking “this is real, right?” It was all very real, but at the same time it was completely surreal. ..

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