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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Swaddlebees Simplex OS vs. Newborn

Little Caden will be 11 weeks tomorrow. He is at least 10 lbs. and about to outgrow the newborns in my opinion. His thighs are quite chubby. A thinner baby would probably get a couple of more weeks. But I still feel like this is a good life for a newborn diaper. Especially since it fit great from birth! I ended up with 12 of these diapers and they are all going to be saved for next time. (Lord willing) I would describe the size as in between a Cloth-Eez Workhorse size newborn and small.
I currently have 2 of the OS diapers and I use them for night time so that I don't have to change him until we get up for the day. I have 1 medium which will not fit for a while yet. I am waiting to see which I like best before getting more Simplexes.
The OS is in Owls and the Newborn is in Blue. There is quite alot of bulk on the OS at this little setting. But that is usual. I wouldn't use this under an outfit for going somewhere. It just wouldn't work for a boy. If I had a girl I would go for it. I will see how I like the middle setting and compare that to the Medium Simplex as soon as he can fit into it.

Simplex OS vs Newborn

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