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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Nipple Cream- EMAB vs. Motherlove

Okay, so I bought EMAB cream before I gave birth and packed it in my hospital bag. But, lo and behold, baby boy hated it! He refused to nurse after I applied it and I had to wash, wash, and wash to get it off and to get him back on! So, I had Bryan order the Motherlove before we were even discharged. He is totally fine with the Motherlove and it works just as great as it did last time around. I don't know if the EMAB actually had a taste, but it has quite a strong chocolate smell to it since it is cocoa butter based. The Motherlove is olive oil based. Has no smell. And I assume no taste. It is softer and easier to apply as well. I would warn you though that it does stain. So know that if you wipe your finger on something after application or if you are using cloth nursing pads it will look oily from there on after. That is my only gripe. Others may not like that it has beeswax in it, that doesn't bother me.

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  1. I totally would have tasted them.... (Giggle)